Uygar is very knowledgeable in his field and is a great person to work with. I would have no hesitation to recommend his services if you want to understand your brand and the mind of your consumer.
— Georgina Goodman | Women's Shoe Designer
Uygar has been a highly communicative and eager-to-learn member of my team. He added valuable insights into modern and new aspects of marketing and communication. I never lost sight of him and am proud of his career development. Today he continues to be an important sparring partner of mine on his focus areas.
— Roland W. Schacht | Managing Director at Schmitz Cargobull Romania SRL
I worked with Uygar for a year when setting up my business as I needed help with my social media. Uygar designed my website and managed all areas of my social media during this time. His behavioural economics work was instrumental in marketing my business to the right people, graduates, and attracting them to apply to the roles I was working. I highly recommend Uygar and wouldn’t hesitate in using him again if needed.
— Alex Fair | Founder at Fair Recruitment
Uygar arrived in the UK from Turkey with a ‘can do’ attitude and immediately set up a blog to cover cars and luxury goods. He is always online, photographing and tweeting and attending events. He is the real-life case study of ‘blog about the things you’re really interested in and it will succeed’. That’s how he has grown his business and why people turn to him for advice.
— Al Clarke | Marketing and Communications at Meridian Mobility UK
Uygar has worked for our company Lokum Istanbul, he was responsible of our social media strategy and accounts. We have worked together over a year and a half and it was a pleasure working with him as he was extremely dedicated to his work and always has a positive can-do attitude. I would gladly work with Uygar again and I wholeheartedly recommend him as he would be a great asset to any team/company.
— Ozge Basbugu | Director of Marketing & Communication at Lokum Istanbul
Uygar has consulted for my business Kundalini Lounge. He was responsible of our social media strategy and accounts. We have worked together over six months time. It was a pleasure working with him as he was very dedicated to his work. I recommend him as he would be a great consultant to your business.
— Mariya Gencheva | Founder at Kundalini Lounge
Uygar has been instrumental to the early stage developments of our brand on social media. While providing prolific and detailed information online, Uygar has also a very good connection with PR agencies and regularly attend luxury brands launches. I really appreciated working with Uygar and definitely recommend his services.
— Xavier Calloc’h | Publisher at Yacht Investor Magazine
Uygar is a dynamic Gent with an excellent understanding of business, very professional and hard working. He is someone who is never short of ideas.
— Doruk Ozkaya | Founder at Appwox
I have worked with Uygar on a number of occasions and on each assignment I have found him to be a pleasure to work with. He is funny, engaging, takes time to understand you, and the project, and is always looking to go the extra mile to make you a happy client. His knowledge is excellent and I would highly recommend Uygar and his team.
— Toni Griffiths | Marketing at Empower Marketing
Uygar is a passionate, hardworking & effective marketer with dynamic storytelling abilities. Really enjoyed working with him.
— Nick Cook | Marketing Manager at Gooee