I Love to Nudge {Formerly Cronus Business Consultancy}

Clients {Past and Present}

Mercedes-Benz Turkey
MAN Bus & Truck Greece
Classic Car Club London
Clive Sutton
Sutton Bespoke
Mando Footloose {Electric bike} {Agency client}

Tech & Fintech
Aqovia {Digital solutions, Ai and machine learning}
Smoke Free {Giving up smoking app}
VENNCOMM TALK {Business messaging app}
appwoX {Mobile app developer}
NETZ Fintech
TechComms PR
Grupo Casa PR

Lifestyle & Luxury
Lokum Istanbul
Yacht Investor Magazine
Kundalini Lounge Yoga

Fashion & Design & Architecture
Georgina Goodman {Women shoes designer}
Joanne Stoker {Women shoes designer}
Apposta {Online shirt tailoring}
Merve Bayindir {Millinery designer}
ADEMCHIC {Interior architecture}

Housing & Renewable Energy
Gooee {Aurora LED}
Cocoon Project {Housing}
SESCO Renewables

Gregory Abrams Davidson Legal
Fair Recruitment
Ali Matar {Musical marketing}
Kogital {PR agency}
Propel Technology {PR agency}
Fair Play Consulting UK
Rima Events {Event agency}
Samos e-commerce




Increased brand awareness by 37% for an automotive client.

Achieved £0.09 cost-per-click for a graduate recruitment company.

Reached 35% click to install app for UK’s the most downloaded app to quit smoking.


27% reduction in cost-per-click social ads.
33% increase in brand awareness.
36% increase in click-through ratio.
12% increase in leads.


More than 30 Social media strategies are developed, implemented and executed!

2000 blog articles are created and published.
4000 tweets are written and published.
2000 Instagram photos are shared.

28 WeWork London Lunch & Learn events are hosted.


Me & My Clients

I work directly with all of my clients.

Some of these relationships have lasted many years.

They trust my experience, knowledge and ability to deliver results as a one-person consultant.

What I have done for them?

Developed creative concepts.
Created strategy for marketing and social media marketing {Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest}.
Created and executed paid social advertisement campaigns {Awareness, traffic, lead generation, app download and more}.
Turned their product or business into a story, storytelling.
Consulted to implement new business policies in companies.

I have done all these by implementing behavioural economics principles.