My CV was a Victim of Default Options

Default options are pre-set courses of action that take effect if nothing is specified by the decision maker (Thaler & Sunstein, 2008).

I am a behavioural economist and have applied the principles to social media marketing, advertisement, copywriting, creative and paid campaigns. However, I don’t have corporate or agency experience, and some people love to focus on this weak spot.

Including my academic career, I have more than 12 years of experience, and I have worked directly with more than 33 different companies.

The fun part starts here. When I want to update my CV, all the templates that are available are work-based CVs. Basically, they are designed to show your work experiences rather than your expertise. This causes a problem; the default option for a CV template is the work-based format. This type of CV template does not really work for people who do not have corporate experience. I cannot say that I worked at Google for this period of time. Instead, I have to say that I know how to apply behavioural economics principles to marketing.

At the moment, I need to sell my expertise rather than my previous employment. This was difficult because I was trying to use a template designed for people who have great work experience rather than for someone who has great expertise. The end result, my CV failed with job applications and recruiters.

How did I realise this? A friend of mine told me, this type of CV is not ideal for you. At that moment I realised that I was a victim of default options. Whether you use Word or Mac Pages, the CV templates are designed for someone who worked at Microsoft or Apple. They weren't designed by people who were doing freelance work only. Therefore, the templates were designed with an unconscious bias.

They are designed to show your employment achievements and designed to show your expertise areas or the achievements you have made through your freelance life. This is a fundamental problem for people like me. Unfortunately, the companies and the recruiters do not conduct an extensive background check. They look briefly at the CV and skip it. I had to decode the process and their mind in order to save and rescue my CV.

I think I made it. I will see how it goes.